Gary Moore

“Just like you I have a deep love for Pearland. I have proudly served our community as a volunteer through various civic and local organizations. I currently represent you on Pearland City Council. It has been an honor and a privileged to serve the Pearland community as Position 3 City Councilmember. I was re-elected in 2017, where I will complete my second term this May.

I have seen how the people of Pearland pull together in the time of need in our own city and for our neighboring communities. This was very evident during the Santa Fe School Shooting, the tragic loss of Pearland Police Officer Endy Ekpanya, and after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Pearland is a special community that cares and works together for the greater good of all. A dedicated community and municipal government can accomplish many great things to enhance our city with the right leadership and focus. I ask for your feedback to continue to make Pearland the engaged and caring city we are.

I humbly request your support and most importantly the opportunity to earn your vote for Mayor of Pearland” 



As Mayor, I will provide leadership to bring City staff and City Council together, with a clear vision to identify top priorities, opportunities for smart growth, and to maintain a community that is safe, strong, and prosperous.

As a City Councilmember I actively serve the entire City of Pearland. I am passionate about meeting and listening to citizens and volunteer with multiple organizations. I will continue to be a true public servant and a champion for the greater good of the Pearland community when elected Mayor.



Accomplishments as a City Councilmember

  • Flooding issues - improved drainage and flood prevention in vital areas of the City
  • Conditional Use Permit (CUP) – revised CUP process to streamline council review
  • Presence throughout all of Pearland embracing the growing cultural diversity that makes the city great.
  • Blue Ridge Landfill – worked to find resolutions with TCEQ, BRL, and Shadow Creek residents.
  • Champion against additional apartments developed in Pearland's congested areas
  • Smart development where there is already congested traffic
  • Promoting business development
  • Advocate for the residents of Pearland
  • Support of public Safety- Police, Fire, and EMS
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Working to address issues now and not kick the can down the road

Mobility/ Infrastructure

Define and provide focused goals to accomplish top mobility and infrastructure priorities for projected growth of the city with city council and city staff. Continue to build relationships with Brazoria County, Houston Galveston Area Council (HGAC), Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), and State Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to continue to receive the generous funds provided by them and work within the city budget to relieve traffic congestion.

city growth

Healthy Economy

Work with the Pearland Economic Development Corporation to seek out top companies that can add great value to the city and can help our tax base for a healthy sustainable economy today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


Water Management

 Prioritize and set goals per the Master Drainage Plan that are agreeable with both city council and city staff on the remaining areas of the city that still have flooding issues in minor rainfall events and develop budget strategy.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

Continue to be engaged in the city of Pearland's six Strategic Priorities to keep improving our community with the input of all residents and businesses.